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Fresh Beer, Fresh… Name

Fresh Beer, Fresh… Name? For our eagle-eyed regulars, you may have noticed that what was once Malt Brewing Co. is now Revel Brewing Company. Rest assured, we’re still the same small Bulimba brewery, making the same fresh beer and baking the same fresh pizza. We just have a fresh new name. Why? Well, we don’t…

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Doggie Day Out

We Love All Dogs & We Cannot Lie

We Love All Dogs & We Cannot Lie It’s no secret – at Revel, we love our dogs.  We love your dogs.  We love all dogs.  In fact, the dog to pup-parent ratio is nearly 50/50 within the team, and that’s something we’re a little bit proud of. When we set out on creating our…

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Malt Brewing Co Partners With BeefBank

Revel Brewing Co Partners with BeefBank

Revel Brewing Co Partners with BeefBank According to FoodBank Australia, “Food insecurity is a situation that exists when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development, and an active, healthy lifestyle.” But did you know over 400,000 people in Queensland alone live with food insecurity, and…

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